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The choice of the location is not accidental. Next to having been a meeting point of Mediterranean cultures, a place of mythology and of absolute beauty, Tropea embodies the spirit of the symposium. Tropea is not satisfied with bring a touristic destination for people from the whole world, but thanks to its human capital, its brave administration and ambitious vision of its mayor it aims to erect bridges and to create ties on an international level. Tropea is not satisfied to take the paths known from old but it sets itself the difficult challenge of discovering new meeting spaces and of becoming itself place where ideas and projects encounter. The successful accomplishment of this challenge is of benefit for the whole region, for its academic institutions and for the local industrial sector.

The Major presents Tropea

sindaco tropea avv. giovanni macriAdministering a town like Tropea is a considerable responsibility. The care of its peculiar beauty requests special commitment. The beauty of Tropea is of a special kind, a combination of two elements: its deep roots in a rich and noble history and the naturalistic attractions that make it unique.
Since the beginning of our administration, the main commitment was driven by a priority that prompted us to make choices striving to harmonise these factors with tourism, an essential factor of the economic prosperity of the local population. At the same time, we aim to ensure the good practice of compliance with the rules, constant attention to the spirit of service for the community and care for every corner of the town.
A bet has already been won: the transformation of Tropea from a seaside holiday destination to a place with a particular focus on culture. Thanks to an organic and diversified project that has lead Tropea to be awarded several times for the focus on the quality of the environment ( Borgo più bello d’Italia 2021, Blue Flag for the quality of the sea water since 2020, 5 Vele 2023 for the quality of the touristic offer, the only place in Calabria that achieved this distinction, Città Plastic Free, Comune fiorito, Città del Folklore) and to have become part of prestigious networks ( Borghi più belli d’Italia, Parchi Marini Calabria, Assocastelli, 100 Ambasciatori Nazionali, Destinazione Family friendly, Chambre de Commerce Italienne Nice Sophia Antipolis Côte d’Azur, Città Sane, Travellers Choice, Les Plus Beau Villages de la Terre, 10 Comuni, Mare Pulito Bruno Giordano).Tropea has received the attention of national and international magazines, it has been chosen as the perfect set for films, television and advertisement production.
As it is evident, the ecological spirit represents the ‘leitmotif’ of our path and it fits perfectly with the will to make Tropea an even more exclusive place, also focusing on events characterised by their high profile. The hyperbole “ Principality of Tropea”, once a joke, is now an effective slogan as a communication and marketing tool for the territory.
Supporting this prestigious conference on Artificial Intelligence is perfectly in line with the “Tropea Project” because of the high cultural level of the meeting that addresses issues capable of challenging human boundaries.
For all these reasons it will be a pleasure to welcome the participants in Tropea, combining together the beauty of this unique location with the fascinating challenges of the topic of the conference.

Avv. Giovanni Macrì Sindaco di Tropea

Charming Tropea


The conference venue: “palazzo Santa Chiara”

Convento Santa Chira Tropea
A demanding and rigorous restoration work has returned Palazzo Santa Chiara to Tropea. That which was the church of the Poor Clares, who founded their convent here in 1261, has become a place dedicated to wide-ranging artistic, musical and cultural events. Suggestive place, rich in history, of beauty, of wonder, hosts our conference, once again opening its space to the wind of the future.

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